Let The Good Times Roll ....
PART 2 --- Toronto, Ontario  
Oct. 2004
Once the decision was clarified as to who would be the horse and who would be the buggy things just galloped along!
Marlene Maskell soon had us heading to Honkytonville!
Whether they were in a line or a circle, the dancers had fun with Wayne Kralik.
"Just tap that heel and we'll soon be down memory lane", Tammy Wyatt encourages the dancers.
I thought they looked pretty good for "newbies"!!
Jim & Linda Booth took a moment out to explain the finer points of pushing your partner around the circle!!!
These dancers might look serious but it's pure concentration, once they got the steps there were loads of smiles!!
We were delighted to have instructor James Church travel all the way from New Brunswick to join us on the floor.
We even had some authentic cowboys in the form of Jim,Fred and Mark!
Fred and I hope that everyone had 'Good Times' at the workshop cuz we know we did!
Our thanks to all the dancers who came  from near and far...  you made it a very special day. .