Tampa Bay Line Dance Classic
November 04
Event Directors,Scott Hucks and Arline Winerman are to be congratulated on an absolutely wonderful event.  Hopefully they are now having a well deserved little bit of time to put their feet up!
The Honky Tonk Stompers from New Orleans brought the Mardi Gras spirit with them.

Now, what does John Robinson have in mind .... he looks a little toooo angelic!!!
Doug & Jackie Miranda find a 'Little Patch of Heaven' in Tampa Bay!
"'What It is'" says Scott Blevins, " is just your right foot!"
"We're all 'Dancin' Fools' here", reckons Stella Cabecca, "although we sure have 'Zest Appeal'"!
"We're supposed to be 'Under the Boardwalk' not under these funny coloured balloons", puzzles Mark Cosenza
"Just follow me, we're off to get some 'Hot Fudge'", Bill McGee steps it out.
Guyton Mundy reckons the world needs more bus drivers!
New friends from across the sea!  Carol Cravens (of Carol's newsletter) and husband Bucky were the hosts for instructors Dawn Sherlock and Nigel Amon and friend Carol from the UK.
Junior Willis takes the dancers over to the 'Car Wash' so they can help Guyton clean his bus!!
Kathy G added a bit of 'Latin Spice' to her class!
"Just 'Get on That' right foot and the rest of the dance will fall in line!" Bryan McWherter informs the dancers.
"'Every Little Step' you take will get us closer to that wonderful buffet dinner", Glen Pospieszny encourages the dancers!
Dancin' Dean's 'Wicked Wish' is that not too many 'Days Go By'  before he's back down in Tampa Bay again as it's getting cold up north!
Sandi S. and Jane Marie Dorsey reckoned they'd take a break from instructin' and dancin' and do some shoppin'!
Janis Graves told the beginners to 'Go For it'!
"'I Need Jah'",Ron Kline calls out to the dancer at the door as 'Another Man Done Gone'"!
The Red Hat Ladies sure know how to party!
Everyone wanted to have their photo taken with this wonderful creature who appeared on the dancefloor.  Rumour had it that her name was Kathy G!
Guyton seems to be steering his passengers along the right line!
I think the Honky Tonk Stompers are going to start a new fashion trend!  They looked terrific!
If you're curious to know who is in this huddle, check out this page in a couple of weeks!   You'll be surprised!
Teamwork with Doug & Jackie.
Junior Willis clowns around!
"'Come On and Dance'", Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs told the dancers in their classes, "It will lead you to a 'Better Life'".  And don't we all agree!
Beads aplenty in this show!
Bill McGee and his group treated us to a breathtaking line dancing performance on stilts! 
Will they ever be able to to top this performance?!  See you next year when we find out!!!