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Do check HERE for other events I will be teaching at in 2017.

**THE SPRING WORKSHOP with MAGGIE GALLAGHER, April 142018.   There was a terrific turnout despite the ice storm.  Thanks so much to everyone who came, Maggie had a great time with you.  You can check the full report plus photos on the  website    or
the facebook page.  

**Date for THE SPRING WORKSHOP 2019 -- APRIL 27
Special Guest Instructors all the way from 'Down-Under' will be:
Flyer/Registration Form are on the website.

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LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL ....  October 2017
DANCIN' FOR MIRACLES, September 2017
CELEBRATE DANCE, Toronto June 2017
Check my facebook page for other Reports.

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LET U BE RIGHT  Beg/Improver  Terrific track by Meghan Trainor.  Reached No. 13 on the Copperknob Chart.   SS/VIDEO  HERE

HOME WE'LL GO  Easy Int.  Don't be put off by the phrasing!  Great piece of music.   Has reached the Copperknob Top 20  SS/VIDEO  HERE

SNAP  AB --  choice of country or non country. SS/VIDEO  HERE


NUMERO UNA   Reached No. 1 on the Copperknob Chart.  Easy Int. written with Roy Verdonk, Guillaume Richard and Fred Buckley. Great track, makes you really believe that summer is on its way!!  SS/Videos  HERE

IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW  Int.  (easy int with turns taken out as per script)  written with Kim Ray.   Beautiful track, do have a listen SS/Videos  HERE    Check out the wonderful comments on Copperknob.

LEFT IN THE DARK    Beg country.  Reached No. 2 on Beg chart & No. 9 in top 50 overall on linedancerweb.  SS/Videos HERE

SOLO AMOR  Event Dance for The Spring Workshop written by Rob Fowler, Vivienne Scott, JP Madge & Fred Buckley.  reached NUMBER ONE on both Copperknob & Linedancerweb charts.     Easy Intermediate  SS/Videos  HERE

SEND HER MY LOVE to a great hit song by Adele.   Reached No. 14 on Copperknob.   SS/Video  HERE   

**CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY DANCE STEP SHEETS AND VIDEOS**    Email me if you can't find the music or have a step sheet query.
Vivienne Scott

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