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Do check HERE for other events I will be teaching at in 2017.

**THE SPRING WORKSHOP with MAGGIE GALLAGHER, April 142018.   There was a terrific turnout despite the ice storm.   Thanks so much to everyone who came, Maggie had a great time with you.  You can check the full report plus photos on the  website    or
the facebook page.  

The Final Dance Play List and Afternoon Dance Play List are posted to The Spring Workshop website.  Click HERE to visit the site.

**Date for THE SPRING WORKSHOP 2019 will be APRIL 27
Special Guest Instructors all the way from 'Down-Under' will be:

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LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL ....  October 2017
DANCIN' FOR MIRACLES, September 2017
CELEBRATE DANCE, Toronto June 2017
THE SPRING WORKSHOP,  Toronto April 2017
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HOME WE'LL GO  Easy Int.  Don't be put off by the phrasing!  Great piece of music.   Has reached the Copperknob Top 20  SS/VIDEO  HERE

SNAP  AB --  choice of country or non country.  SS  HERE


LOVE WILL WIN  Beg/Improver (Floor split for 'Love's Gonna Win) reached no. 13 on Copperknob.   SS/VIDEO  HERE

NUMERO UNA   Reached No. 1 on the Copperknob Chart.  Easy Int. written with Roy Verdonk, Guillaume Richard and Fred Buckley. Great track, makes you really believe that summer is on its way!!  SS/Videos  HERE

IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW  Int.  (easy int with turns taken out as per script)  written with Kim Ray.   Beautiful track, do have a listen SS/Videos  HERE    Check out the wonderful comments on Copperknob.

LEFT IN THE DARK    Beg country.  Reached No. 2 on Beg chart & No. 9 in top 50 overall on linedancerweb.  SS/Videos HERE

SOLO AMOR  Event Dance for The Spring Workshop written by Rob Fowler, Vivienne Scott, JP Madge & Fred Buckley.  reached NUMBER ONE on both Copperknob & Linedancerweb charts.     Easy Intermediate  SS/Videos  HERE

SEND HER MY LOVE to a great hit song by Adele.   Reached No. 14 on Copperknob.   SS/Video  HERE   

**CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY DANCE STEP SHEETS AND VIDEOS**    Email me if you can't find the music or have a step sheet query.
Vivienne Scott

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